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Top 3 AR innovations transforming digital media

From startups using Augmented Reality (AR) to enhance the football fan engagement to an app bringing print newspapers to life, discover our pick of the hottest AR innovations to amplify customer interaction and communication in our latest Top 3 feature.

Augmented reality is changing the media landscape in so many ways. As a result of increased usage and the potential to incorporate the technology into apps, wearables, and more, AR has become a way for marketers to tell engaging stories that create meaningful interactions with consumers anywhere. Additionally, in the journalism space, we have seen AR provide a whole new interactive format for readers, bringing a wealth of new opportunities to increase revenues. Discover our selection of the best AR innovations in media to keep your business ahead of the tech curve.

AR app brings print newspapers to life

An AR app allows users to view videos that leap off the page of a print newspaper.

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AR startup creates avatars for football players

A startup has created a new app that uses augmented reality to create and distribute avatars to enhance the football fan engagement.

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App creates live gigs anywhere and any time

An augmented reality app allows users to listen to new musicians play concerts anywhere in the world.

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