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Top 3 connected devices for smart homes

Stay up-to-date on the latest smart home technology with our curated Top 3 list focusing on security, remote access and energy conservation.

With technology providing the means to modernise and streamline every aspect of our lives, smart homes are proving to grow in popularity. From improving home safety, with a nifty smart speaker that mimics human activity to deter burglars, to a heater that virtually pays for itself by mining cryptocurrency, there are a wealth of opportunities to create an intelligent network of connected devices within your home. Explore some of the latest innovations with our hand-picked selection.

Heater mines cryptocurrency while heating your home

New crypto heater earns you money and keeps your home warm using energy from cryptocurrency mining.

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New smart home intercom lets you open doors from any location

A UK smart home startup has launched a new intercom that allows users in any location to open property doors without keys.

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New smart speaker simulates presence at home

A new smart speaker is designed to deter burglars by making it sound as though the house is occupied.

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