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Top 3 ideas for strategic advertising

In our latest Top 3 we have picked the most innovative solutions to help your business develop successful advertising strategies and stay ahead of the curve.

Innovation is bred through competition; some of the most promising ideas spotted by Springwise came about through the need to stand out from competitors. Yet with such a wealth of choice in almost every area of our lives, advertisers need to employ smarter and more engaging techniques to hold the market’s attention. Whether that’s through using AR to catch the public’s attention or intuitive technology to better understand consumer mindsets, marketing campaigns need to maintain visibility by keeping up to date with trends in an increasingly saturated market. The innovations collected here are some of our latest picks highlighting new ways to promote products and brands while also emphasising new marketing ideas to fuel business growth.

AR for the naked eye transforms outdoor advertising

With a single stream of light and a reflector, this media tech startup creates huge, location-based images that can be displayed anywhere.

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New metro advertisement can analyse commuter reactions

The metro line in Brazil have installed interactive platform doors that display adverts and log commuter reactions.

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World’s first AI-driven television advertising

New television advertising from British broadcaster uses artificial intelligence to place products alongside TV scenes that are relevant to their brand.

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