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Top 5 innovations for children's wellbeing

Our latest Top 5 showcases the top of the class in innovations for children.

Springwise often curates innovations that seek to promote social good, and what greater social good can there be than helping parents care for their children? We have curated some of the top innovations to alleviate parents’ worries and improve the lives of our children. From lightweight booster seats for easier travel options for parents with young children to a DIY kit designed to make the daily process of insulin shots for diabetic children a less stressful process, there are a wealth of creative means to make both parents’ and their children’s lives smoother. These are a collection of what we rate the highest in this valuable world of innovations.

New insulin kit helps children with diabetes

A new easy-to-carry kit includes a temporary tattoo and a pen designed to make it easier for children to manage the daily administration of insulin into the body.

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New lightweight, compact, high booster seat

Crowdfunding now on Indiegogo, this new car booster seat is lightweight, adjustable, compact and easy to take on trains, planes and ride sharing carpools.

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New space combines co-working with children’s education

A co-working company is adding children’s education to its spaces to allow parents more flexibility.

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Social robot helps reduce anxiety for children with autism

A new social robot has been designed to reduce symptoms of anxiety and increase attention levels in kids with autism.

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Virtual reality shows children what to expect before MRI

King’s College Hospital in London now offers this virtual reality app for children and their parents to use before children undergo the scan.

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