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Top 5 innovations to keep your business safe

Our latest Top 5 takes an in-depth look at which innovations could help keep your retail business safe against modern technological threats.

With more technology popping up from every direction, it can be difficult to know how to properly safeguard your retail business in the modern age. Luckily, technology works both ways. We have collected together some of the hottest innovations from around the world that can help keep your business secure and your data safe. From algorithms that help eradicate fraud to platforms that identify products’ vulnerability to counterfeiting, our latest Top 5 will have you covered.

Crowdsourced app targets counterfeit products

A new platform allows companies to determine where along the supply chain their products may be vulnerable to counterfeiting.

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New NFC button prevents counterfeiting

A design company is using an app and an NFC button to combat fake products.

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New SaaS platform offers online image security

Software lets users control how their images can be viewed and shared online, while also preventing image theft and creating monetisation pathways.

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New robot detects industrial hackers

A new robot could help detect, deflect and counteract hacker attempts who target factories and industrial sites.

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Tech startup wants to eradicate fraud in the secondary luxury goods market

London-based tech company uses an algorithm to provide valuation methods for pre-owned luxury goods.

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