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Top 5 solutions to take back control of your data

The digital world is as omnipresent and influential as the real one nowadays, and so managing your data is a pressing concern for many users. Discover our selection of the best innovations to help you protect your data in the modern world.

The average UK consumer has over 118 online accounts. Even this localised statistic demonstrates how complicated our online selves can be. With so much available to us and so many different companies and accounts to manage, personal information online can rapidly get out of our control. Yet with increasing amounts of work and personal processes moving online, it has never been more important to understand how and where your data is being stored and used. From systems to protect your data to blockchain technology designed to store online information, here are Springwise’s top picks of innovations to manage online data.

App takes back control of personal data

A new service hopes to allow users to take back control of their personal data usage.

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New app delivers secure ID information storage

Blockchain based technology delivers an easy and secure way to store users online identities.

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Robot lawyer uses algorithms to protect your personal data

This algorithmic personal data agent could help users take back control of their personal data online.

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Security router encrypts an entire homes online activity

An easy-to-install hardware product can protect all devices in the home from surveillance that compromises users security and identity.

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Startup helps users take back control of digital data

This app could help users have a clearer idea of their digital identity.

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