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Top 7 3D innovation ideas

Our latest Top 7 list profiles the most cutting-edge 3D printing technologies

3D printing, once a niche technology for hobbyists, is now a game changing technology affecting just about every industry. This isn’t news exactly but over the past few months, here at Springwise, we have seen incredible momentum in this space. In fact, there have been so many 3D innovations lately and covering such a wide range — from one that allows kids to make their own toys to another that makes slabs of beef — it was tricky to choose just seven. Here are some inspiring ones.

3D printer allows kids to create their own toys

3D printing could help kids simultaneously learn more about technology and expand their creative skills

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3D printer can make slaughter-free meat from animal cells

Vegan eating could reach a whole new range of consumers with this new slaughter-free method

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3D printer recreates Rodin’s Thinker in minutes

Researchers at Berkeley advance 3D printing

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3D printing and AI technology used to reproduce artwork

A new system can faithfully reproduce complex artworks using new techniques in AI and in 3D printing

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3D printing used to recreate natural wood internal patterning

Scientists have developed a method of 3D-printing wood grain, producing blocks that resemble wood even when sliced open

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Biotech firm designs a 3D pill printer to dispense personalised pills

UK group’s 3D printer makes pills that match individual needs

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Startup unveils a lighter, more efficient rocket

UK startup makes a 3D printed rocket engine

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