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Top 7 Sustainable Food Ideas

Our latest Top 7 list highlights the most innovative sustainable solutions in the food industry

Food shoppers are becoming finickier not just about the quality of food they buy but how it’s produced, packaged, and transported to stores. And whether these foods and processes are sustainable over time. This past year at Springwise, we’ve seen a number of innovations that attempt to tackle these issues. These include a shop in Belgium growing produce on its roof, a US farm that shares a comprehensive history of the herbs using QR codes in the packaging, and another that repurposes food waste as edible coating to keep farm produce fresh. Our latest Top 7 is devoted to all of you foodies who care about the planet.

App creates personalised nutrition labels

A US start-up has launched a new app that creates personalised nutrition labels for consumers.

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Belgian supermarket reduces food miles for fresh produce

A Belgian supermarket is creating the shortest supply chain possible by growing produce on its roof and selling it in-store an hour later.

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Food packaging system offers consumers the history of their herbs

An urban farming company is using QR codes in food packaging to offer consumers the chance to learn the history of the herbs they are eating.

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Food waste repurposed as edible coating to keep farm produce fresh

A new coating for fresh produce helps increase food security by both reusing and reducing agricultural waste.

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New project recovers nutrients from seafood processing

A Swedish university has developed a new technique for converting waste water from seafood processing into sources of protein.

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Startup uses blockchain and IoT to improve food transparency

A startup is using blockchain technology to collect and share data on entire food supply chains.

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Student creates a range of lichen-based food and harvesting tools

A design student has developed a range of food products and packaging showcasing the nutritional benefits of lichen.

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