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Top 7 sustainable innovations driving the circular economy

From recycling waste products to closing gaps in efficiency, these seven curated innovations highlight the crossovers between sustainability and the circular economy.

In the drive to creating a more sustainable planet, the circular economy is a growing force for change. The regenerative nature of reinvesting resources and waste products back into sustainable production means that businesses can operate more efficiently and with less negative environmental impact. For example, there is enough food produced across the world to solve world hunger, yet so much of it goes to waste. Innovations such as the foodbox described below help to alleviate this drain of resources. Other means include using waste products to create textiles or even building materials. These curated innovations outline how sustainability and the circular economy can work together in the drive for positive change.

Food boxes to sell unsaleable food

A new foodbox hopes to reduce food waste by selling ‘ugly’ foods at a deep discount.

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Food waste converted into fibres for textiles

A material science startup company is focusing on recycling agricultural and post-consumer waste into high quality sustainable textiles.

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Israeli startup turns household waste into bio-based plastic

A new modular conversion technology turns unsorted household waste into reusable raw material rendering future use of landfills obsolete.

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New healthy probiotic drink is made from soy pulp

Scientists in Singapore are using a zero waste process to create a probiotic drink out of soy pulp.

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Repurposed plastic waste creates reusable building bricks

Communities use bricks made entirely of plastic waste to create new social, green spaces and reduce the amount of local environmental pollution.

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Single-axis wind turbine generates energy for apartment blocks

A patent pending design for a single-axis wind turbine makes use of wind approaching from all directions and can take urban energy harvesting to the next level.

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Startup provides companies with reusable packaging

A new packaging startup offers companies a sustainable shipping model with reusable packaging made from recycled materials.

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