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Top Ten Innovation Report for August

Here is this month’s Top Ten Innovation Report, featuring the most inspiring and popular business ideas from the Springwise Access database over the last four weeks.

In the Top Ten Innovation Report, we present a digestible run down of the best innovations from the last four weeks. Published monthly, these reports are a quick and pain free way to stay up to date on the latest innovations, and are included as a part of a Springwise Access account.

AI recruiter does all the tedious tasks

Created by recruitment company FirstJob, Mya is an AI chatbot that helps each candidate with their job search while streamlining the process for employers.

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App turns kids’ passcodes into parents’ phone numbers

Missing Children Europe has created an app that changes children’s lock screen passcode to their parent’s number to help them memorize it.

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City rating tool helps users find car-free commutes

Real estate company Redfin’s Opportunity Score tool rates cities based on the combined availability of housing, jobs and public transport.

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DIY recycling machines create custom plastic products at home

Makers can now download Precious Plastics’ open source designs for their modular upcycling machines.

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Flight comparison site offers free trips based on DNA ancestry

Momondo is a flight comparison website that partnered with a DNA analytics company to offer customers free trips to the country where their ancestors are from.

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In Austin, community-funded rideshare app replaces Uber

RideAustin is a non-profit ridesharing alternative set up in the wake of Uber and Lyft leaving town.

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In NYC, restaurants become work spaces outside of opening hours

Spacious turns upscale NYC restaurants into working and meeting spaces for USD 95 per month.

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Melbourne gets world first solar-powered ‘Tesla Town’

Glenvill’s new plans for suburb YarraBend is hailed as the most environmentally sustainable development in the country, with inbuilt EV charging, solar roofs, Tesla batteries, and more.

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Street lockers host on-demand soccer balls for kids

In Brazil, Zeze Biscuits installed a network of soccer balls that only kids have access to.

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Travelers can trade chats in their mother tongue for free lodging

TalkTalkbnb is a free peer-to-peer language and accommodation exchange.

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