Five Innovations for World Homeless Day

Five Innovations for World Homeless Day

1 In Paris, stickers in shop windows tell homeless they are welcome

The Carillon stickers for shop windows let those in need know that they can ask for a glass of water, to use the bathroom and more.

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2 Charity night bus tickets provide shelter for London’s homeless youths

The New Horizon Youth Centre is giving young homeless individuals bus tickets that enable them to ride safely through the night, instead of sleeping on the streets.

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3 This South Africa fashion store is for homeless people

Giving homeless people the same dignity afforded to paying customers, The Street Store is a rent-free temporary store that provides poor neighborhoods with free clothes and fashion advice.

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4 Billboards double as roadside beds for Pakistan’s homeless laborers

MoltyFoam has created the Billbed — a billboard made of foam, which advertises the company during the day and transforms into a roadside bed at night.

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5 Nonprofit van picks up homeless individuals for paid work

The city of Albuquerque, New Mexico pays the homeless USD 9 per hour to beautify their community.

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