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US-based Magnolia, a division of Best Buy, is turning the art of installing home theatres—from reclining seats and huge screens to sophisticated sound systems—into a branded, nation-wide business: “Magnolia is the new service that will customize your home theater and make it all work together”. In other words, they tell consumers what to buy, and come to their house to hook it all up. There are currently 70 Magnolia store-in-stores in Best Buys across the US, targeting a massive market: according to the National Association of Home Builders, 36 percent of people building new homes want a media room, with the majority spending USD 5,000-55,000 (EUR 4,125-41,250/GBP 2,840-28,400) on their systems. International expansion sounds like a no-brainer. For more examples of companies that are helping consumers bring top-level experiences into their domestic domain, check out’s insperiences.


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