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iLetYou lets you, and anyone else, set up a NetFlix-like video and game rental store in a matter of minutes. The San Diego-based start-up is aiming to give consumers access to an estimated 10 billion DVDs that can be found in US households alone, allowing both individuals and independent brick and mortar stores to set up shop online. There’s no minimum number of DVDs or games to get started, which means that anyone with a collection can start renting out to people with similar tastes. The rental economy, as described in’s transumers briefing, caters to consumers more interested in experiences than ownership. iLetYou lets minipreneurs (another term coined by our sister site) take advantage of this growing trend, earning repeat fees from an item instead of putting it on eBay for a one-time sale. Small entrepreneurs who have a knack for curation and can add personality to their stores, should be able to compete with NetFlix, creating the online equivalent of small, indie video rental shops with a personal touch and unique selection. Pricing and terms are set by the stores themselves, and there are no listing fees. iLetYou takes a small cut of every transaction, from USD 0.40 per rental, in exchange for providing the platform and payment processing. Store owners handle shipping, but can order 2-way disk mailers from iLetYou (USD 190 for a case of 1,000, plus applicable shipping). iLetYou hopes to expand to different products and countries in the future. Get there before they do! 😉 Spotted by: Aaron Sugarman



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