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Instead of business cards, contact management app puts a face to each name


Canadian Cardign is a mobile app for contacts that uses a facial recognition capability to let users put a face to each name.

Not long ago we wrote about CallApp, a caller ID application that displays contacts’ social media information, and recently we came across a like-minded effort in the world of contact management. Going beyond just social media integration, Canadian Cardign adds a facial recognition capability that lets users put a face to each name. Now available for iOS, Cardign is a free mobile app that aims to let users capture and add contacts quickly and easily using facial recognition. To add a new contact, Cardign users begin by snapping a photo of that person using their iPhone. If the contact has already signed up with Cardign, the app will automatically recognize his or her photo and retrieve the corresponding contact information and social media profiles. In cases where the contact hasn’t yet started using Cardign, the user must enter in their name and email information and add them to the app’s dedicated address book manually, according to a BetaKit report. Either way, from there on Cardign keeps information on the user’s contacts continuously updated. The video below explains the premise in more detail: An Android version of the Cardign app is reportedly coming soon, and future revenue plans include embracing a freemium model. App-minded entrepreneurs: one to get involved in? Everyone else: one to try out at your next networking event? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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