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Insurance company recruits existing policyholders to advise potential customers

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Finnish insurance company If has recruited over 800 of its existing policyholders to give live, one-to-one testimonials about its service.

We’ve already seen Utah-based Needle enabling brands to connect their biggest fans with customers seeking product advice, and now we’ve come across a similar effort from Finland. The insurance company If is connecting potential customers with more than 800 existing policyholders, enabling them to hear opinions on the firm’s service through a new microsite called Kysy Vaikka! If has recruited 852 customers who have agreed to be available from 9am to 8pm everyday for phone conversations with potential customers thinking about joining the company. Between these hours, contact details for the volunteers are made visible on Kysy Vaikka! — which translate as Just Ask! — enabling would-be customers to gain insight into the happiness or dissatisfaction of current policyholders, along with the reasons why. The site also features ten video messages recorded by If customers at home on their webcams, discussing how easy making a claim was and what If did to solve any problems that did occur. Consumers have been using online reviews to help inform purchase decisions for a long time, but as we also saw with Needle, putting a face or a voice behind those reviews can help make them significantly more personal and effective. An idea to try out with your brand? Spotted by: Ella Majava



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