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Intelligent plug extends the energy of critical hospital devices

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A startup has created an energy re-routing plug to give hospitals in developing countries access to critical devices during power outages.

Aelios Technology, a US-based startup, has created an intelligent plug called IPlugD that can re-route energy between devices. IPlugD transfers energy from on-critical to critical devices during power outages, making it a highly valuable device for developing countries. It does not rely on Wi-Fi or a base connection. It is therefore ideal in emergency situations when connections, power, and the internet are down. The startup estimates their device will create the opportunity for an additional 160 patients to receive treatments.

A compatible fit with all existing appliances, devices, and power backup supplies, IPlugD is easy to install into any building. Fitted with smart sensors, the IPlugD has a smart and customizable interface. It has a modular design and a ‘plug and play’ feature so users can add and remove devices as they wish. Moreover, an energy analytics service offers real-time data to ensure users make intelligent decisions on which critical devices need energy. In addition, Aelios Technology can predict faults in devices in advance and alert users. IPlugD is available for purchase in two packages – IPlugD Basic and IPlugD Premium. The basic package includes autonomous wireless prioritization and one year customer support. The premium package includes the same features as well as intelligent recommendations, energy analytics and fault prediction analysis.

Many innovations transform the way we use energy, improving efficiency and sustainability. In the US, a thin film that can convert heat from electronics into energy has been developed by engineers. It uses pyroelectric energy conversion and captures energy from everyday items, utilising heat waste. In Norway, a hotel produces a larger amount of energy than it consumes. Its architectural design is built to make use of solar energy and it is set to open in 2021. How else can innovations create new ways to produce and use energy and help build smarter cities?



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