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Interactive radio ads let listeners speak back


XAPPmedia wants to turn Internet radio ads into a conversation, enabling listeners to take part in offers and discounts simply by speaking.

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We're now used to interactive media, but many ads — even online ones — still feel like a one-way message. Platforms such as AdYapper have previously provided a platform for consumers to comment on TV spots and help advertisers get feedback on their work. Now XAPPmedia wants to turn Internet radio ads into a conversation, enabling listeners to speak back to take part in offers and discounts.

When broadcasting an ad via today's smart devices, advertisers have a wide range of tools available to them, but they're not always used. XAPPmedia takes advantage of smartphone and tablets' microphones to allow listeners to speak back to ads in podcast, streaming services and Internet radio. The commercials typically run as normal, but the listener is given a directive at the end and asked to respond with their voice. For example, a car showroom might be running an offer that can be claimed online. At the end of their ad, the listener could be prompted to say 'know more' if they want to know more, and are immediately direct to the landing page for the offer.

The service can also let consumers carry out more actions related to the ad, such as hear more information, download an app, send a coupon via email or text, or even initiate a phone call to the company so they can carry on the conversation. Since many people listen to the radio while doing other things, the platform also enables them to interact hands free, whether they're busy cooking in the kitchen or listening to Internet radio in their car.

Watch the video below to see XAPPmedia ads in action:

XAPPmedia helps marketers to use calls to action in their ads, while actually giving consumers the tools to immediately and easily react to them. It’s already being put to use inside National Public Radio’s NPR One app. Are there other ways to make ads feel less pushy and more inclusive of consumers’ desires?



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