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Internet-connected display is made entirely of wood

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A new multi-instinctive user interface has various displays and adapts to any space by using natural materials.

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As the trend increases for Internet of Things tech to blend in with its surroundings, Japanese company Nissha have created Mui, a smart home display made entirely of wood. Mui is an interactive, Internet-connected display that can be used to control lighting, temperature and display messages. Currently, it works with Philips Hue light bulbs and Net LED, but Nissha claim Mui is adaptable for use with a wide range of applications and equipment.

The name Mui comes from a Japanese word that means ‘silence’, which links into the theme of its design – ‘out of sight until needed, and out of mind until utilized’. Although the first prototype was made of sycamore, Nissha have also designed them using other materials such as, red fabric, mirror glass and marble. Mui is likely to be launched on a crowdfunding platform around the middle of next year and its likely to retail between USD 900 to USD 1,200.

There is no end to the development of innovation in the smart home sector. A modular outlet hopes to be able to turn any outlet socket into a hub for a smart home, and an AI connected device turns any object or surface into a remote control for your home. Are there any other unexplored avenues that can turn your home into a smart home?



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