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Intravaginal speaker plays music for unborn babies

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Babypod is a small pink device that transforms the mother's vagina into a sound system.

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Studies have shown that exposure to music can be beneficial to fetuses by encouraging communication and vocalization from as young as 16 weeks. Most parents are content to play The Beatles to their unborn baby over the stereo but for those who aren’t, Babypod is a small pink device that transforms the mother’s vagina into a sound system.

From Spain, Babypod is basically a small speaker that is inserted into the vagina and plays music at a low level of 54 decibels — similar to a hushed conversation. The system connects to the user’s smartphone, so the parents can select whatever music they want to play to their baby. According to the creators, playing music to a baby through the abdomen will only produce a muffled sound because of the skin, muscle and fluids in between. Using Babypod on the other hand enables the baby to hear intense, clear sounds because there is only soft tissue separating them from the music.


Babypod was launched in December with a concert: former Spanish Eurovision contestant Soraya sang carols for the unborn babies of ten pregnant women, all of whom were wearing a Babypod. Are there other sensory experiences that could be adapted for parents keen to stimulate their unborn babies?



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