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Investment platform funds renewables in South America

Financial Services

Caaapital is an investment platform that connects investors with renewable energy projects.

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Countries in the developing world are investing heavily in new renewable energy projects, with initiatives such as these microgrids in Kenya set to power more growing economies. South America has seen strong growth in its renewable energy sector, and an online platform could help to spur this growth.

Caaapital is an online platform for renewable energy and sustainable infrastructure projects, which securely connects developers with banks and private investors to help finance their schemes. The platform enables all parties to exchange data, privately message and arrange conference calls to connect global partners. Investors can also sign up and browse initiatives by area and industry, while project founders can browse investor by types of funding such as family fund, banks or venture capital.

The team at Caaapital say they are aiming to find a smarter way to finance infrastructure and energy projects, acting like an investment marketplace for new developments and helping to bring energy to the grid faster. The platform has already linked projects with investors such as GE and Santander.

We have seen other platforms and apps help to connect investors so they can share profits and recommend deals. How can finance platforms help bring big investors together to back more sustainable projects?



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