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iOS app adds notes to phone contacts to jog users' memory

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Humin is an iOS app that lets users add relationship context and social media details to their contacts.

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The iPhone contacts app enables users to store more information than simply a number and name, but it's still not perfect. While Android phone owners are able to customize their contacts and call lists, and even add text subject lines to phone calls, Humin is an iOS app that lets users add relationship context and social media details to their contacts.

Memory isn't perfect, and it seems to fail at the most inopportune moments, especially if your work requires you to meet and remember scores of new recruits, clients and old acquaintances each week. Through Humin, users can attach contextual details whenever they add a new contact — for example, 'Lives in New York', 'Met with John' or even 'Patriots fan'. Using GPS, the date and time of the first encounter can also be logged. The app also works with Facebook and — in the future — LinkedIn accounts, meaning that information such as what position they hold at which company is not only added, but updated whenever their online profiles are.

Rather than trying to remember an acquaintances name, Humin lets users simply search for the details they can remember. If they know they met the person last week, they can simply search their 'met last week' list and easily pull up some details to use for friendly conversation. The app's calendar function enables users to remind themselves of who they'll be meeting and when, and it also notifies them of who lives in the city they're visiting when traveling.

Watch the video below to learn more about the app:


Humin makes contacts list better reflect the more complex relationships we have with all the people we meet, whether they're fleeting connections or not. The app is free to download from the App Store. Are there other ways for busy people to keep track of all the people in their network?



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