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iOS app turns smartphones into an automated teleprompter

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PromptSmart is an app that mimics the standard autocue, using voice recognition to track users' place in the text.

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Those who regularly speak at conferences will know how much of a help a teleprompter can be in making sure they keep on track and don't fumble their words. However, it's not a luxury that every speaking occasion affords. PromptSmart is an iOS app that mimics the standard autocue, using voice recognition to track users' place in the text.

Users can import their documents in either .docx or .txt format from various cloud services including iCloud, Dropbox and Evernote. Scripts can either be full text or in notecard form, and the app enables users to customize the text style from font size to typeface. As they go through their speech, the app highlights their current place in the text so they can always keep track of where they're up to.

While speaking, users have 3 ways they can control the flow of the text. They can either manually scroll as they're reading or set a words-per-minute speed to make the app automatically scroll. A third option, however, uses voice recognition to determine exactly where the speaker is in the text. If they go off script, the scrolling simply stops until they begin to read from the autocue again.

Users can edit their speeches in the app, and also record their speeches as they're reading.

Watch the video below to learn more about the app:

PromptSmart is available on the App Store for USD 9.99. Are there other typically expensive standalone systems that could be turned into a fully-functional smartphone app?



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