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IoT garbage bin automatically sorts waste and collects data

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Poland-based firm has created an intelligent waste bin capable of separating recyclables on site, as well as storing data in the cloud.

While we’ve seen plenty of innovations looking at creative ways to repurpose waste plastic (as fine kitchenware, for instance), there’s also a movement towards creatively increasing the amount of successful recycling that takes place, such as this gamified waste disposal campaign in a Dutch campus, and now here’s a bin that does the recycling for users.

Poland based Bin-e has developed a futility automated garbage bin that’s small enough to fit discreetly into office spaces. Bin-e was borne out of the realization that office employees, though well intentioned, are often confused by segregated recycling recepticles, placing objects in the wrong units, resulting in both increased garbage (due to contamination) and/or increased labor costs of sorting. While details of exactly how Bin-e will process different items remain elusive, users basically drop a piece of waste into a top compartment that’s capable of figuring out exactly what kind of material that waste is, be it a glass bottle or a plastic container. After deciding what category the object belongs to, the waste will be processed into that specific compartment and consequently compressed, thereby increasing storage capacity. Moreover, Bin-e is connected to an IoT cloud, sending and storing data and waste usage that can then be shared with a waste disposal company, the idea being that waste only has to be collected when storage is full, saving time and labor costs. While a working pilot version is almost ready, office and other contextual bins will be available in 2018, with Bin-e predicting that a switch to its bins could improve recycling rates for businesses up to 80-percent.

We’ve seen how trash collection is being automated using an aqua drone — what other ways can technology help humans to help themselves when it comes to waste?




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