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iPad app detects spoken conversation topics and offers relevant content

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MindMeld uses speech recognition technology to provide relevant pictures, videos and links to iPad users having spoken conversations online.

Engaging target audiences with personalized recommendations based on their purchase history is something that a number of brands have made an effort to incorporate into their service, from health deals based on medical records to shopping receipt recipes using products just bought. Now, MindMeld is offering relevant content to iPad users during spoken conversations by using speech recognition technology. Developed by Expect Labs, the platform enables multiple users to have high quality video conversations and uses smart technology to work out the general topic of discussion – offering up online content that may be relevant in real-time. Through a drag-and-drop functionality, participants can share the content – which includes pictures, videos, maps and webpages – instantly with the others in the conversation or post them to social networks. A timeline of each chat is saved so users can access the content they found during the conversation at any time. MindMeld will be available on the App Store in the near future, but users can sign up for early access now. The following video offers a demonstration of the app: The app aims to intuitively and automatically provide useful information for users and, although not designed with advertising in mind, could be used by companies for targeted marketing. How else could personalized recommendations be made to customers in a similarly seamless manner? Spotted by: Murray Orange



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