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iPad app enables long distance bedtime storytelling for families

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Kindoma combines e-books with video calls to allow family members who live apart to take part in collaborative bedtime reading for kids.

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Video chat has changed the way we communicate with far flung contacts, and we’ve already seen the technology applied to storytime through Smories, the platform that lets kids read bedtime stories to each other. Now Kindoma combines e-books with video calls to do the same for families who live apart.

Available for free from the App Store, Kindoma has a collection of 26 popular stories for kids to choose from. When a video call is initiated through the app, both parties can then browse the library together. Once a title is chosen, the pages from the book are displayed on the screen, alongside the video of both child and adult. Either party can turn the page with a swipe, and an indicator pops up on the screen when one person is pointing to a particular word or image.

Even if family members live in far flung corners of the world, Kindoma offers one way to keep them in contact while also providing an engaging and educational activity for the child. Are there other ways video conferencing technology can be adapted to improve the experience for users?

Spotted by: R Steinberg



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