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Smart kitchen scale

iPad-integrated kitchen scale could turn an amateur into a pro chef

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Drop is a smart kitchen scale that can adjust recipes on the fly if users put too much of one ingredient in.

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Consumers are already using their tablets and mobile devices in the kitchen in place of their battered old cook books, so it’s not too much of a leap to imagine appliances that can sync with them to make cooking a bit easier. In the past, we’ve seen the Prep Pad measure the nutritional content of the items being chopped on it, and now Drop is another smart kitchen scale that can adjust recipes on the fly if users put too much of one ingredient in.

Baking can require a high level of accuracy in order to get right, which means that measuring out the ingredients properly is key. Drop comes with a companion iPad app that syncs the scale according to the recipe being prepared, and offers recommendations based on the cook’s actions. For example, if the scale detects that they’ve gone over the recipe amount on one ingredient, the app will let them know and adjust the instructions to cater for their mistake. Additionally, if users realize they haven’t got a particular ingredient, the app will recommend substitutes that will work. Drop also detects how long chefs have been cooking and can tell them exactly when they should start preheating the oven or check their work. When the cooking is over, the app can also be used to take photos of the end result and instantly share them on social networks.

Although their is no news on the cost of the device, or when it will be released, those interested can sign up for updates via the Drop website. Are there other kitchen utensils and appliances that could help homeowners become better cooks?




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