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iPhone app compares couples' playlists to test compatibility

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ChuChu Tune is an app from Japanese TYO Inc. that assesses the compatibility of those in a relationship by comparing their playlists.

We’ve already seen one site that matches potential soulmates based on their shared musical tastes. Now, for those who have already paired up, there’s ChuChu Tune, an app from Japanese TYO Inc. that assesses couples’ compatibility by comparing the individuals’ playlists. Users begin by downloading the free ChuChu Tune app — available in both English and Japanese — onto their iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Next, both launch the app, tap “play” and then hold their devices face to face “as if they are kissing,” in the company’s own words. (“ChuChu” means “kiss kiss” in Japanese, we’re told.) From there, the app searches through both people’s music libraries; if it finds a matching song, it brings it up for shared enjoyment on both users’ phones, according to a report on Japan Trends. If multiple matches are found, the app ranks them and indicates strong compatibility; if none are found, on the other hand, ChuChu Tune reportedly delivers a message indicating that the two partners might be better off seeking love elsewhere. There seems to be no end in sight to the many ways mobile technologies can help consumers forge new connections — romantic or otherwise. App-minded entrepreneurs: be inspired! Spotted by: Raymond Neo



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