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iPhone app lets shoppers search by color


The LuxeFinds Color Shopping Engine is a new iPhone app that lets shoppers search by color.

Color is notoriously difficult to render accurately on e-commerce websites, making it equally difficult for shoppers to match or find items in particular hues. Enter the LuxeFinds Color Shopping Engine, a new iPhone app that lets shoppers search by color. San Diego-based LuxeFinds bills itself as a “lifestyle search engine,” and its new iOS app – launched in May – zeroes in on color. The site explains: “No longer do you need to go through rack after rack of clothing to find that blouse in the perfect shade of pink. While on the go, immerse yourself in a virtual shopping mall where you’ll know in an instant if that pair of shoes on the shelf matches your dress at home.” Users can search by color for a variety of home decor, clothing, accessories and other items using LuxeFinds’ free app either by clicking on a color wheel or by snapping a photo of something they hope to match, according to a Cool Hunting report. When they find something they like, they can share it with friends via text, email, pin, post or tweet. There’s nothing like free love for garnering consumer goodwill, and if it can be in the form of a brand butler they incorporate into their daily lives, all the better. Brands around the globe: how could you help make it easier for your customers to find the products they want? Spotted by: Dietfreid Globocnik



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