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Israel's Greenbox brings digital tech into the garden


The Greenbox platform uses data from the cloud to offer advice and automate tasks for those with outdoor gardens.

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Hydroponic systems have become a popular way for city-dwellers to take up urban gardening, and the difficulty of the process has led to the developments of smart technologies such as Bitponics to help users keep on top of their indoor plants. Now Israel’s Greenbox platform is using data from the cloud to offer advice and automate tasks for those with outdoor gardens.

Much like other internet of things systems, and as its name suggests, Greenbox operates from a central Bluetooth and wifi-connected box kept indoors, which controls gardening irrigation devices. Users can then automate their sprinklers through the companion app, enabling them to set the different zones of their garden that need watering, as well as how often. Even when they’re out of the house, users can alter their settings, but the Greenbox also automatically takes into account weather data and other environmental factors in deciding how much water the lawn and plants should receive.

The Greenbox kit can be pre-ordered for USD 219 and there are no annual costs involved. The device currently works with iOS devices, but an Android app is also in the pipeline. Are there other ways to connect the outdoors world to the web?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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