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Italian crowdsourcing website connects the public with professional services

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Fazland has recently raised 4.5 million EUR in investment, helping to link people with chefs, painters, personal trainers and more.

When someone has a project they need help with, one of the biggest hurdles in getting it completed is finding the right person to help. From lawyers to event organisers to personal trainers, Italian-based Fazland is helping connect people to the services they need with its marketplace. The company reports that it currently handles over 1,000 requests per day, receives more than 500,000 monthly views, and in 2016 had a turnover of 1 million EUR.

The platform boasts a catalogue of over 15,5000 professionals who work as part of an in-home service, 2,300 in business, 1,100 in personal services, and 1,600 in events. The online platform enables customers to receive a personal quote for their desired service on the spot, streamlining the tedious process of sourcing someone. Users insert their required service and receive five quotes from potential workers. Those on the hunt for assistance can then rate the service they receive once their task has been completed. The service is currently available in Italy.

There will always be a consistent need for different types of services, with one example tailored to the disabled, and another, linking citizens with people in their community who need the same services, both coming to fruition recently. How could your company utilise such platforms to get more business?



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