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Italian design team creates unique brand of footwear

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Company creates crowdfunding appeal for adhesive pads to replace slippers and sandals.

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A clever design company has invented Nakefit, an adhesive pad that makes it appear you have bare feet, but keeps your feet effectively protected. Its simple design makes the product easy and comfortable to wear. The adhesive pads stick to the soles of your feet, forming a barrier between your soles and the ground preventing you from cutting your feet or slipping by the pool-side.

The designers won’t divulge the materials used to make the Nakefit (due to patent-related security), but they do claim the adhesives used to attach the pads to the soles of your feet are made up from hypoallergenic materials. Furthermore, the product is vegan friendly. The Nakefit pads are disposable and should give you around 24 hours of wear and tear – although this time may be reduced if worn in the water.

Nakefit is funded purely through Kickstarter, with nearly 300,000 EUR raised. In fact, the only way to currently order them is through the Kickstarter page, where a pack of 10 pairs – available for men, women and children in a range of colours – will cost you 30 EUR.

A Korean firm is raising capital for a shoe that you assemble yourself, and a French company is planning to make a smart trainer that self-tightens and comes with heated soles. How else is modern technology being used to improve footwear?




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