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Just jammed the perfect riff? This always-recording cable will save it

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The Gibson Memory Cable is an amp lead featuring an in-built recorder that enables players to save every note they play.

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Moments of inspiration can strike at any time, and part of being a professional musician is being able to capture it when it does. While the automatic Looxcie life-capturing camera could do the job, guitar manufacturer Gibson has now created the Memory Cable, a lead featuring an in-built recorder that enables players to save every note they play in case they hit on a good idea while jamming.

Musicians will know that sometimes a great idea will come when they’re not trying at all, and it can be a mad rush to try and get it down before it disappears forever. The Memory Cable is a premium quality, low-capacitance lead that can be used for jamming sessions and rehearsals that provides continuous recording, instantly saving those ideas. The cable can be plugged into an amp, or simply connected to a guitar or keyboard on its own. Users can choose whether it records continuously or only records when a sound is being played to save space on the Micro SD placed into the dock. The cable keeps recording and deletes older files if the memory runs out. When inspiration hits, users simply press a button on the cable to start a new track and ensure the previous one doesn’t get deleted. Recordings are made in CD quality and can then be uploaded onto a computer.

The 16-foot cable is set to hit US stores from May and will cost USD 100. Are there other ways to enable anyone to automatically save moments from their life without having to think about it?



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