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Japan introduces toilet paper for smartphones

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Communications giant NTT Docomo recently installed toilet paper for smartphones in restrooms throughout Narita International Airport’s arrivals terminal.

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Building on the nation’s reputation for cleanliness, Japan’s largest telecommunications company NTT Docomo recently introduced rolls of paper for cleaning smartphone screens in restrooms in Narita International Airport. The toilet paper for smartphones is located next to the regular rolls of toilet paper in seven different locations throughout the airport’s arrivals terminal.

Studies have highlighted the high levels of bacteria harbored by smartphone screens, even comparing them unfavorably to the amount found on most toilet seats. NTT Docomo’s rolls welcome visitors to the country and include information about the company’s wifi services, in English, on each sheet. The company says the rolls will remain in place until at least mid March 2017.

New and unexpected methods and places of advertising almost always attract attention, either for the novelty factor or for the clever approach. Previous Springspottings include a real estate company that provided new shell homes for hermit crabs in a bid to highlight the local housing crisis, and a luggage company providing a free wrapping service in exchange for passengers applying branded stickers to the final wrapped piece. How could the ideas behind some of the interesting marketing campaigns be adapted for public health and education work?



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