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Japanese drink vending machine also takes selfies


Every customer who buys a Kirin beverage from their new Vendorphoto machines can also take a selfie and share it for free.

Long before there were smartphones and selfies, the photobooth reigned supreme as the best device with which to take a photo of yourself and your friends pulling funny faces. Now, Japanese beer company Kirin is blurring the line between the two with its Vendorphoto, created in collaboration with Intel and the mobile messaging app Line.

Vendorphoto machines enable customers to take a free photo whenever they purchase a drink. The user gets three attempts to perfect their pout against a choice of backgrounds. They can also add Line’s kawaii characters and share the photo for free via their Line messaging account.

The Vendorphoto screen can also be used as advertising space or to share useful information such as weather and transport warnings. Vending machines are selling everything from short stories to hot burritos. What other crowd favorites could vending machines offer?



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