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Jewelry products feature tiny pots to carry plantlife

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Wearable Planter's tiny plantpot jewelry enables people to incorporate living plants into their fashion accessories.

Having recently covered DesignLibero’s Green Wheel micro rotary garden, we thought we’d found the most compact system for growing plants. That was until we spotted Wearable Planter‘s tiny plantpot jewelry, which enables people to incorporate living plants into their fashion accessories. Based in Atlanta, the Wearable Planter studio creates all of its jewelry with a 3-D printer on site. Each piece includes a tiny receptacle which is waterproof and can contain enough soil and water to sustain small plant clippings. The startup has created necklaces and brooches which can hold flowers, with the latter incorporating magnets to ensure the wearer’s clothes are not damaged by pins. Cyclists can also customize their bicycle with the Bike Planter, a small pot with a rubber strap that can be attached securely around the frame of most bicycles. Each piece comes in a variety of colors, enabling customers to express themselves through both choice of shade and their favorite plants. If the presence of plants really does affect people’s moods, then Wearable Planter’s products ensure that wearers can be surrounded by them throughout the day, regardless of location. Fellow jewelry designers – one for inspiration?
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