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HireVue is an online video system developed to help companies speed up the process of job interviews. From Monsterboard to Craigslist to YorZ, advertising jobs online has become a standard part of the recruitment process. The part of recruiting that has been lagging in its uptake of online technology, is the job interview. By conducting automated, online video Q&A sessions, HireVue (spotted by our friends at PSFK), aims to revolutionize how recruiters view and select candidates. Instead of sifting through resumes, they can watch candidates answer a set of specific questions, allowing in-depth screening before inviting people for face-to-face interviews. Hiring managers submit questions, which appear on a candidate’s screen for 30 seconds before a webcam begins to record his or her response. Videos are then posted online for recruiters to view when and where they want. HireVue expects to be running 4,000 interviews a month by the end of the year. The advantages are obvious: video ‘pre-interviews’ enable companies to widen their net and evaluate more candidates, without the time and money required by traditional first round interviews. In addition, recruiters can replay certain answers, compare responses by various candidates, or use the video to refresh their memory before the actual interview. One to partner with if you’re in human resources or the recruitment business!


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