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Women make up roughly half of the workforce, and a large portion of them are of child-bearing age. Although it’s no secret that employers need to become more family-friendly if they want to attract top talent, many are slow to take action. Which is why Vancouver-based Sarah Fowles and James Sadler created a classified ad site specifically for moms seeking jobs. Instead of avoiding them, employers who post jobs on Yummy Mummy Careers actively recruit women with children, and (one would hope), are willing to accommodate their needs. Women who’d like to get back to work, or want to find a family-friendly position, can post their resume with Yummy Mummy Careers. The website also features a ‘career spa’, offering financial advice and tips on issues like finding childcare. Since working mothers are hardly a niche audience, we can see local versions of this concept taking off across the world. And what about Yummy Daddies? Help parents create a manageable work-life balance, help employers find well-educated and creative employees, and help yourself to some well-deserved profits.



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