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The Loc8tor is a combination of radio-frequency emitting tags and a cellphone-sized signal decoder. Both tags and handheld transmit and receive radio signals. Each handheld device can monitor up to 24 tags, which can be attached to keys, kids, pets and anything else of value that has a tendency to get lost. When registering new tags, users can specify what they will be attached to: ‘Wallet’, ‘Favourite child’, ‘Prize-winning Poodle’, etc. The system has a maximum range of 183 meters/600 feet, and the handheld will guide its holder to within 2.5 cm/1 inch of the lost possession, using fully directional signals: left, right, up and down. (Particularly useful when kitty-cat is hiding in the attic.) Not just for finding things, Loc8tor’s alert mode also makes it easy to prevent them from becoming lost. Attach a tag to a child, and then set a safety zone. If the child strays beyond a specified distance, the Loc8tor sounds an alarm. The panic tag also acts as an alarm button that a tagged child can press to activate an alert on the Loc8tor. Obviously, as stated by Loc8tor, this isn’t a replacement for parental supervision. 😉 For business purposes, Loc8tor offers an asset protection system, which can monitor up to 6,000 tags. Suggested use includes monitoring keys within a building and tagging items considered vulnerable to theft: laptops, cellphones and warehouse stock. A new and innovative product, Loc8tor is currently only available for sale online — a basic locating pack goes for GBP 59.99/USD 99.99/EUR 89.99, while the locate and alert system retails for GBP 99.99/USD 179.99/EUR 149.99. One to contact for wholesale and distribution deals! For more ‘Lost & found in the 21st century’, check out these tracking systems that we previously covered: Bak2u, Stuffbak, TrackitBack, Postbak.



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