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Personalizing mobile phones with keitai straps. Massive in Japan, nowhere to be seen in the rest of the world yet.


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Personalizing mobile phones with keitai straps | Yes, our cell/mobile phones are now fashion statements, and after replaceable fronts and funny ring tones, it is time for the keitai strap (Japanese for cell phone strap).

A massive success in Japan for a while now, equally mobile-phone-crazy Europe could be next. Adorn your phone with 1 euro bead-straps or super-deluxe 100 euro Prada and Gucci hangers, and the world will not only hear but also see what you’re about.

Sure, some of the real Strap Fanatics have turned their phones into cellular Christmas trees, transforming their ultra light phones to early-90’s heavy bricks, but it’s all about standing out in the crowd.



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