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Kids learn to email through iPad app


Maily is an email service for kids, which enables them to message preset contacts safely and under the supervision of parents.

Whether for business or personal communication, there’s no escaping the fact that email has permeated our daily lives. Innovations such as SignOff have already simplified the way adults receive the day’s news in their inbox, but now iPad app Maily is offering a safe and secure alternative for kids to get used to emailing. Parents can set up a email account for both themselves and their child through the app – available for free on the App Store. Kids accessing their inbox do so through their dashboard, which enables them to compose a colorful message using tools to write, draw, add a photo or background, and ‘stamp’ preset images. Young users can select a recipient from a list preset by the parent, which can include anyone with an email address as well as fellow Maily users. Those not using the app receive a regular email that directs them towards the Maily site, where they can view the message and compose their own reply using similar tools to make it look more fun for the child. Parents have control over who their youngster can contact, as well as vet both outgoing and incoming emails before they reach their destination through their personal dashboard. The video offers a demonstration of the app: Maily makes email both fun and creative for the child, while also acting as an educational tool that prepares them for using other messaging applications when they grow up. What other digital platforms could be made more kid-friendly?



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