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Kids learn science by assembling their own speaker

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Bosebuild Speaker Cube enables youngsters to learn about sound, electromagnets, frequency and more while assembling a speaker from scratch.

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As products like Kano and Piper have shown, one of the best ways to get kids interested in technology is to involve them in the process of making it. The Bosebuild Speaker Cube does just that, enabling young users to learn about the science around sound, electromagnets, frequency and more while assembling a speaker from scratch.


The Speaker Cube is a customizable Bluetooth speaker and educational kit, aimed at kids aged eight and older. To begin, makers lay out all the required pieces, including a well-labelled circuit board and various cables and clips. Then, they download the free companion app, which guides them through each of the tasks without any help needed from an adult. At each stage of building there are activities to help them learn about and experiment with the components of the speaker, and info on how the pieces make music. They can also customize their Speaker Cube by experimenting with LED color light options and choosing from the interchangeable silhouette covers.


Costing USD 149, the Bosebuild Speaker Cube takes about an hour to assemble but there are various open-ended activities that the user can continue to play with. Once built, the speaker connects wirelessly with any Apple mobile device. Could other entertainment devices be transformed into similar educational kits?



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