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Kids play tablet games by trampolining

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The trampoline gets a tech upgrade through Springfree's interactive gaming system.

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Trampolining is a great way for kids to get physical exercise without them noticing. But sometimes jumping up and down isn’t fun enough on its own to lure kids away from their screens. So, Springfree Trampoline created tgoma, a high-tech backyard gaming system that players interact with by bouncing on the trampoline.

To begin, parents can download the tgoma app and attach the wireless controller along with a mounting plate onto their trampoline. Then, players simply insert their tablet into the holder and choose one of several games. Play is controlled by jumping in different locations on the trampoline — in Fruitants, kids splatter fruits on the screen by bouncing in the right spot, and in Alien Stomp, ETs can be caught by stomping on them as they poke out of the ground. There are levels and leader boards, and players can accumulate points and use it to buy more games. The platform also lets parents track activity and set rewards and goals.


Tgoma can be downloaded for free from the App store or Google Play and works with any Springfree Trampoline, which are priced from USD 1749. We have seen other digital play systems such as Yibu, designed to add physical elements to kids’ screen-time. Could other existing outdoor activities be enhanced by introducing a digital element?



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