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Kid's wearable helps parents balance virtual and physical gaming time

Sport & Fitness

PowaBand aims to integrate physical exercise into computer gaming by using a wearable monitor and points system.

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Virtual, interactive gaming has proved an excellent tool for encouraging physical exercise. We have seen a number of platforms — such as Timi Run Everyday and Step Ahead:Zombies — combine outdoor exercise with in-game rewards and now, a new wearable called PowaBand aims to integrate exercise into every gaming platform via a wearable monitor and points system.


PowaBand is a fitness band which tracks the activity of the wearer and accumulates PowaPlay points according to how much they run, walk or play. PowaPlay points can then be used to unlock gaming time on any platform, including Xbox One, PS4, Wii and smartphones. The points act as a currency which can be used to purchase in-game upgrades, and can be bought as well as earned. Aimed at kids, the system enables parents to monitor and control their child’s gaming time and encourages a better balance between virtual and physical play.


The PowaPlay system is still in development and welcoming input from both investors and developers. How else could the system interact with and enhance current games?



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