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In Milan, pop-up store sells designer clothes by the kilo


Pop-up stores can serve many purposes, whether it’s launching a new product or offering a brand butler service. One we hadn’t seen until just recently, however, is a pop-up store launched specifically as a way to sell discontinued and other discounted designer goods. Sure enough, Kilo Fashion is a new pop-up store in Milan that sells designer clothes and accessories by the kilo. The brainchild of fashion brand Lilla, Kilo Fashion opened in late March and will remain where it is until July, according to a report in Milano Today. Customers simply pick out the items they want and proceed to the registers to have them weighed and converted into a price; items are divided into low, medium and high-cost goods. Reportedly, there’s a limit of 10 items per person. Pop-up retail has always benefited from planned scarcity by virtue of its limited duration; combined with designer quality and discount pricing, it may well be an irresistible attraction for bargain-minded consumers. One to emulate? (Related: Typeface designers launch pop-up font storeIn Denver, a pop-up store and support for local creativesCollaborative pop-up store focuses on eco-friendly goods.) Spotted by: Ben Wraith



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