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Brand's Facebook fans help design and name a new bag

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Smart brands are increasingly recruiting their customers for help with a variety of tasks, and recently we came across another interesting example. Earlier this year, Israeli fashion brand Kisim invited visitors to its Facebook page to help design and then name a brand-new leather bag. As part of Kisim’s CollecTIK project — “tik” means “bag” in Hebrew — the brand’s designers opted to involve customers in the creation process. Specifically, the company used its Facebook platform to reach out to customers and fans and walk them through each step of the design process, brainstorming everything from the basic shape of the bag to its color, handles, closure and compartment options and then voting on the final sketches. The final result — a large brown leather over-the-shoulder bag with a divider, two internal pockets and a special pocket for a mobile phone — was named by Kisim’s Facebook fans as well. Is there any way a single company’s design team can match the virtually limitless power of the global brain? We don’t think so. Time to recruit the masses for a little crowdsourced design of your own! Spotted by: Lihi



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