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Regular readers of Springwise may remember our recent article on Push Pop Press, a digital publishing house that embeds photos, videos, music, maps, and interactive graphics into their books’ innovative multi-touch user interfaces. In a similar vein, but with an educational element, Qbooks are bringing a new level of digital book interactivity to a younger generation. The books — available as ebooks and as apps for the iPhone and iPad — are specifically created for young children, with educational features such as text that highlights and sounds words when touched. This touchable text feature can also spell the highlighted word back to the child letter by letter, or alternatively, the entire story can be read aloud. The books also enable users to customize their stories, by painting the illustrations, recording vocal narratives to the stories, and by playing word search and memory pairs games. Created by New Zealand-based Kiwa, there are currently thirty six titles available, with prices ranging from free to GBP 4.99. The recent opening of the world’s first in-transit e-library in Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport is a testimony to the growing potential of ebooks across the globe. Now Qbooks hope to make digital books a success across all age ranges as well, which area of this fertile industry could you get involved in? (Related: Multi-touch digital books for iPhone and iPadGravanity books for kidsColor ebook reader for kids.) Spotted by: Justin



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