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Knuckle duster-shaped umbrella handle lets users text on the go

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Brolly's distinctive umbrella handle has been designed to enable owners to stay dry and use their smartphone at the same time.

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While some people get annoyed by pedestrians who walk and text at the same time, it’s tough luck — because a company called Brolly has made it easier to do just that. The unusual knuckle duster-shaped handle has been designed to enable umbrella holders to stay dry and keep their digits free for using their smartphone at the same time.

The Brolly functions in much the same way as a typical umbrella, and — aside from the claim of being more wind-resistant than other makes — does much the same job. However, the device’s handle is shaped in a way that allows the hand to support the weight while leaving the fingers free. Using what the company calls Grip-ology, the distinctive handle features finger holes and a palm rest lined with a rubber material that provides a more comfortable and secure grip. Relieving the fingers from having to grip tightly means the user is free to text, email or play Angry Birds on their smartphone while they’re walking in the rain. For those excited about the innovation, the company has also started the People for Rain movement, encouraging rain-lovers to discuss the things they love about umbrella weather. The video below shows just how much trouble typing on a smartphone can be with regular umbrellas, before detailing the benefits of the Brolly:


The Brolly retails for USD 19.95 and comes in a range of colors. How else can ergonomic design add extra functionality to existing products?

Spotted by Murray Orange, written by Springwise



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