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Online 3D exhibitions bring art into the digital world

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Art and technology have been working hand in hand for some time now, and regular readers will already be aware of online crowdfunding projects for artworks, and the iPhone app offering tours of street art in Berlin. Now there’s Kunstmatrix, a virtual gallery for online art exhibitions. The galleries hosted on Kunstmatrix are fully rendered 3D spaces, individually curated and customized. When building the exhibitions, there is a range of design features available to the curators, such as a selection of room colors and wall arrangements, as well as the option to list sale prices alongside the exhibited artwork. Creating an account is free, and once an exhibition is built, curators can contact Kunstmatrix to discuss the possibility of making the gallery public. For the viewer, the public galleries can then be viewed using the mouse and keypad, allowing for an independent 3D exploration of the exhibition rooms, and inspection of the pictures, sculptures, or videos on display. All the exhibition rooms are hosted on the Kunstmatrix site and can be viewed by the public free of charge, without the need for any additional software or downloads. Just as the Kindle and oncoming wave of tablets have begun to digitize literature, Kunstmatrix could offer the potential for a visual artwork equivalent, offering new opportunities to up and coming artists as well as to art-lovers. (Related: Japanese service enables e-book creation on demandYour voice, transformed into a work of art.) Spotted by: Dietfried Globocnik



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