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Marketplace for unused 'deal a day' coupons


You know a concept is becoming mature when the add-on and feeder services begin to emerge. Case in point? Kuponomi, a Turkish site that lets consumers resell the “deal a day” coupons they bought but didn’t get a chance to use. Now serving Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara, Bursa and Antalya, Kuponomi is a trading platform on which people with unused group buying coupons can sell them to others. Those with coupons to unload simply register with the site and enter all the key details about the coupon, including the price they’d like to be paid for it. It’s free for both buyers and sellers to use Kuponomi, and listings can remain active until the coupon expires. Interested buyers, meanwhile, can contact sellers through the site’s messaging module and proceed with the sale from there. Some 15 percent of deal-a-day coupons purchased each month never get used, Kuponomi says. Time to make the most of those missed opportunities in your neck of the woods? Spotted by: Selin Özsoy



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