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Lamp simulates sunshine for windowless rooms

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A design student from Zhejiang University in China has created a lamp that simulates sunlight to improve the quality of life for those living in windowless rooms.

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Seasonal affective disorder, also called SAD, is form of depression in which people experience depressive episodes during specific times of the year. In the US alone, seasonal affective disorder is estimated to affect 10 million people an estimated 6 percent of whom require hospitalization. Clearly then, access to direct sunlight affects piece of mind. Now, Window is a portable lamp and roller shade that can simulate sunlight.

Designed to improve quality of life for those with windowless rooms and no access to direct sunlight, Window is a portable and adaptable lamp. The product can be used as ambient lighting, a bedside lamp or a reading light. Made from translucent material and a frosted plastic shell, the roller shade on the lamp can be rotated and adapted until preferred light brightness is achieved. Window retails at USD 29.95. Designer Siyu Lou, an industrial designer from Zhejiang University, is currently seeking crowdfunding for its production on Allocacoc.

The lamp is part of a product family named “Elastic” which have no fixed function. The user can create different functions by adapting the product to their own needs. We recently wrote about a smart lamp and wearable that records and recreates the sunlight from special moments. Could these two innovations be integrated?

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